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ALP Landing Page for: HiSET ELA 1

Instructor: Mary Jones

Meeting Times:

ELA HiSET 1: Evening

Tuesday 6:15 pm-8:45 pm

Thursday 6:15 pm-8:45 pm

Office Hours: 

By appointment

Please use the Zoom link below for appointments.

Phone: 417-413-4609





Class Notes:

HiSET is a class to get ready for taking the high school equivalency test.

Course Syllabus:

Weeks 1 – 4 (Unit 1)

Community: Who are we? Where do we come from? How can we become a community of learners? How do we establish habits that will lead to academic success?


Weeks 5 – 9 (Unit 2)

Power: How is power structured? Who has power? Who has been historically excluded from power? What are our

rights and responsibilities in a democracy?


Weeks 8 – 13 (Unit 3)

Culture and Traditions:

What do we value? How do we create legacies? How can we learn from the legacies of the past?


Weeks 14 – 18 (Unit 4)

Fears & Goals: What do we strive for? What do we fear? How will we overcome fears to reach goals?


Weeks 20 – 28 (Unit 5)

Overcoming: What lessons can we learn from those who fought for civil rights? How can we advocate for ourselves

(and others) in the present using lessons from the past?


How have women been represented and treated

in history? How have women overcome challenges? How do we overcome our own challenges?



Weeks 27 – 32 (Unit 6)

Truth: Who do we trust(and how do we know)? What makes something or someone credible? How do we find credible

information amid widespread misinformation/disinformation?


Weeks 34 – 40 (Unit 7)

Learning from the Past and Looking to the Future: How has industry

and technology changed our world from past to present? How do these changes impact me? What changes do we wish

to implement in our lives? What specific steps will we

take to implement those changes?

Course Rubric:

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